Ail Symudiad - A bit of punkmodpop


On millennium night they played a very well attended gig at the school hall in Ysgol y Preseli, Crymych, the same hall that they had played as a young new wave band in the early 80s - the only thing missing was the pogo! During that year the band played at several venues in Wales and in 2001 one of their bigger gigs was at the National Eisteddfod in St. Davids, there was also a "Fflach is 21" night organised by Radio Cymru during 2001. Fflach and Ail Symudiad are very grateful for their support over the years. It was shortly after this that A.S. had a surge of interest in their vinyl recordings from overseas and especially from collectors in Japan, but also there was interest in Europe and from Holland in particular. The records included the singles Geiriau, Lleisiau o'r Gorffennol, Edrych Trwy y Camerau and the LP Sefyll ar y Sgwâr and a special six track EP was produced in Holland. By 2002 Richard's 16 year old son Dafydd had joined on drums and his first gig with the band was in the Feathers Hotel in Aberaeron with Meic Stevens. During this year Ail Symudiad's first CD appeared as there had been demand for a collection of their early songs. Eighteen tracks were put on Yr Oes Ail (The Golden Age). Ail Symudiad's friend and designer of the band's early singles Malcolm Gwyon did the cover montage, with Jack Jackson designing the sleeve. The CD was well received in Wales and a fair number were sold to Japan. The CD was played outside Wales on radio stations such as South East Radio in Ireland and also on radio in France.

Yr Oes Ail

In 2006 the second collection of songs were released on a CD called Pippo ar Baradwys (Peeping at Paradise) with a beautiful photograph of Mwnt by Rhodri Davies on the front. Among the songs were Llwybr Gwyrdd (The Green Path), Trip i Llandoch (Trip to Llandoch), Gormod o Frains (Too Much Brains), Na Fiw sy gyda Granville (What a View Granville's Got), Diwrnod yn Derry (A Day in Derry) which is a tribute to the Undertones, Arwyr Addfwyn (Gentle Heroes) and Meddwl Mawr (Big Minds). The CDs are still proving popular and the third CD Anifeiliaid ac Eraill (Animals and Others) is out, so the story goes on....

Pippo ar Baradwys

Third collection of songs from Ail Symudiad, which also includes three new songs - Y Môr a Cilgerran, Y Dewin and Gnasher. The other tracks were recorded in the eighties and nineties. Bwyta'n Broffesiynol, Analysis ar Unwaith, Cymry am Ddiwrnod (fersiwn fer), Ffarwel Bwci Bo, Nos Lun o Flaen y Llun and Anifeilaid are from the LP 'Sefyll ar y Sgwâr and the rest are from the cassette albums Rhy Fyr i Fod yn Joci and Ddy Mwfi and the cassette EP Dawnsio Hyd yr Oriau Mân and singles in the 80s. This collection follows the other CDs Yr Oes Ail and Pippo ar Baradwys, and they are still the best band ever from Tenby Road, Cardigan!

Anifeiliaid ac Eraill

There are two songs on the new CD single from Ail Symudiad. 'Grwfi Grwfi' (Groovy Groovy) is about travelling back in time to the sixties when there were exciting things happening like the music, fashion, Motown, CND etc. The imaginary person in the song finds himself in a gig during that era. 'Ynys Prydferthwch' (Beautiful Island) is the second song and the 'island' in question is Easter Island or Rapa Nui in one of the Polynesian languages. The island was very beautiful, green and fruitful but large stone statues were built called the Moai and the then people of the island cut all the trees down in order to move the Moai to the edges of the island, and natural resources declined. Andrew Powell plays keyboard and Einir Dafydd joins Osian from the band on backing vocals.

Ail Symudiad (Sengl)

This is the first album of brand new songs since the mid-nineties, although there are three collections of their songs available spanning the 80s and 90s. Their style has changed since their punk/new wave days, but the spirit of the band is alive and well! It is 30 years since their first single Twristiaid yn y Dre (1980) and this CD is a also a celebration of that milestone. Songs on the album include Rifiera Gymreig ('Welsh Riviera'); Ras y Broga Melyn ('The Race of the Yellow Frog'), Bywyd heb Farbeciw ('Life without a Barbecue'), Trev a'i Dacsi i'r Sêr ('Trev and his Taxi to the Stars') and Tu Ol y Drysau Aur ('Behind the Golden Doors'). The band are still gigging and by now Dafydd Jones, guitar and Osian Jones, drums/BVs have joined Wyn Jones, bass and Richard Jones, guitar/vocals. The CD also includes their summer single.

Rifiera Gymreig

This is the latest offering from Cardigan combo Ail Symudiad 'Adventures of the Renby Toads'. It's a six-song EP which includes a different arrangement of a song from their new wave era in the early 80s Fflat 123. Their power-pop style stands out on this recording with songs that include Derwen y Canrifoedd, describing an oak tree through the centuries; Lawr o'r Nen, which describes Felix Baumgarten's record breaking leap from with a parachutein 2012; Cer Lionel! about the amazing footballer Lionel Messi of Barcelona. Cân y Dre, is a song about Cardigan, words by Ceri Wyn Jones, specially written for Radio Cymru's 'Yma Wyf Finnau i Fod' - 'Its Here I Belong' series. The CD first came out in December 2012 but the first two tracks have been re-mixed. Guests on the EP are Geraint Cynan, Lee Mason, John Honour and Raul Speek a painter from Solfach who also sings a chorus in Spanish on Cer Lionel! The words are all on the cover so come on, sing with the Renby Toads!

Anturiaethau y Renby Toads